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When car accidents occur it’s important that you stay calm and follow these steps to ensure the safety of everyone on the scene.
  • Turn off your car and activate the hazard lights.
  • Contact Quik Tow & Transport for a fast response 0419 857 070.
  • Record the time and location of the accident.
  • Write down the vehicle details of the other car such as make, colour and licence plate.
  • Exchange contact & insurance information with all concerned parties.

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Tow Trucks Perth

24/7 Response - You Call We Come

At Quik Tow & Transport we specialise in all forms of towing services, including accident towing, heavy duty towing and even truck towing. From the moment you call Quik Tow & Transport we are on our way, acting quickly to be the first tow truck on-site. Our heavy duty tow trucks all feature an extra long tilt tray and can accommodate wide and oversize loads.

All Areas Service - W.A Wide

Quik Tow & Transport operates tow truck services from Perth, but also services all of Western Australia. We pride ourselves on a reputation of being quick, efficient and reliable with affordable rates. As well as offering excellent tow truck services throughout Western Australia, Quik Tow & Transport can also extend its services right across Australia.

Best Rates Guarantee

Quick response and one of Perth’s most affordable rates is what we guarantee. When your car breaks down on busy highways, or you have been part of an accident, it's important that you use a good tow truck company that provides secure and safe transport for your car. In addition to our affordable towing services, we can help connect you directly with your insurance provider.

Independently Owned

Independently owned and operated Quik Tow & Transport offers the car drivers of Western Australia one of the best tow truck services in Perth. Being Independently owned means that our tow trucks are available for a range of private towing needs such as boat transport, shipping containers, forklifts and even scrap metal.